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Allan Pettersson : Violin Concerto No.2 - Ida Haendel
판매가격 : 80,000
적립금 :0
상품상태 :중고상품
제조사 :Caprice
제품번호 :CAP 1200
원산지 :Sweden
레이블 :White [레이블바로가기]
Stereo/Mono :Stereo(1st Press)
Size :12 inch
자켓 :NM-/NM-
음반 :NM/NM
지휘자 :Herbert Blomstedt
연주단체 :Radiosymfonikerna
구매수량 :
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작곡가에 대한 WIKIPEDIA 자료입니다
Gustav Allan Pettersson (September 19, 1911 – June 20, 1980)
Pettersson, one of four children of a violent, alcoholic blacksmith, was born at the manor of Granhammar in Västra Ryd parish in the province of Uppland, but grew up in poor circumstances in Stockholm, where he resided during his whole life. He once said of himself: "I wasn't born under a piano, I didn't spend my childhood with my father, the composer... no, I learnt how to work white-hot iron with the smith's hammer. My father was a smith who may have said no to God, but not to alcohol. My mother was a pious woman who sang and played with her four children" [1]

In 1930, he began study of violin and viola, as well as counterpoint and harmony, at the Stockholm Royal Conservatory of Music. He became a distinguished viola player but also started composing songs and smaller chamber works in the 1930s. At the beginning of the second world war he was studying the viola in Paris. During the 1940s he worked as a violist in the Stockholm Concert Society Orchestra, but also studied composition privately with Karl-Birger Blomdahl and Otto Olsson. His production from this decade include the twenty-four Barefoot Songs (1943-45) and a concerto for violin and string quartet (1949).

In 1951 Pettersson composed the first of his seventeen symphonies, which he left unfinished; the others were to follow in rapid succession. Also in 1951 he went to Paris to study composition, having been a student of René Leibowitz and Arthur Honegger.

Pettersson returned to Sweden in 1953. That same year he was given the diagnosis polyarthritis and, by the time of his fifth symphony, completed in 1962, his mobility and health were considerably compromised.[2] His greatest success came a few years later with his seventh symphony (1966-67), which has also received more recordings than his other works. The conductor Antal Doráti made premiere recordings of several of Pettersons symphonies and contributed to his rise to fame during the seventies.

He was hospitalized for nine months in 1970, soon after the composition of his ninth and longest symphony, beginning to write the tenth (1972) from his sickbed.[citation needed] He recovered, but ill health confined him permanently to his apartment.[citation needed] The release of a recording of his seventh symphony (with Antal Doráti conducting the Stockholm Philharmonic) was a breakthrough, establishing his international reputation. During the last decade of his life he also wrote the cantata Vox Humana (1974, on texts by Latin American poets), concertos for violin and orchestra (1977-78) and for viola and orchestra (1979), a twelfth symphony for mixed chorus and orchestra (1973) to poems by Pablo Neruda and a sixteenth symphony (1979) which features a bravura solo part for alto saxophone. He also started to write a seventeenth symphony, but he died before finishing it.[citation needed]

Pettersson's writing is tonal, but very strenuous and often has many simultaneous polyphonic lines. Most of his symphonies are written in a single movement, making them all the more demanding. Overwhelmingly serious in tone, often dissonant, his music rises to ferocious climaxes, relieved, especially in his later works, by lyrical oases. Most of his music has now been recorded at least once and much of it is now available in published score.


  • Sinfonie Nr. 2 (1952/53)
    • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Stig Westerberg
    • BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 3 (1954/55)
    • Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Alun Francis
    • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Leif Segerstam
  • Sinfonie Nr. 4 (1958/59)
    • Göteborgs Symphoniker, Sergiu Comissiona
    • Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 5 (1960/62)
    • Berliner Sibelius Orchester, Andreas Peer Kähler
    • Malmö Symphony Orchestra, Moshe Atzmon.
    • Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 6 (1963/66)
    • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Okko Kamu
    • Deutsches-Sinfonie-Orchester Berlin, Manfred Trojahn
  • Sinfonie Nr. 7 (1966/67)
  • Sinfonie Nr. 8 (1968/69)
    • Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Sergiu Comissiona
    • Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Thomas Sanderling
    • Philharmonisches Staatsorchester Hamburg, Gerd Albrecht
    • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Leif Segerstam
  • Sinfonie Nr. 9 (1970)
    • Göteborgs Symfoniker, Sergiu Comissiona
    • Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 10 (1971/72)
    • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Antal Dorati
    • Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, Alun Francis
    • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Leif Segerstam
  • Sinfonie Nr. 11 (1971/73)
    • Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Leif Segerstam
    • Radio-Philharmonie Hannover des NDR, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 12 »De döda på torget« (1973/74)
    • Stockholms Filharmoniska Orkester, Stockholms Filharmoniska Kör, Uppsala Akademiska Kammarkör, Carl Rune Larsson
    • Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Swedish Radio Choir, Eric Ericson Choir, Manfred Honeck
  • Sinfonie Nr. 13 (1976)
    • BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Alun Francis
  • Sinfonie Nr. 14 (1976)
    • Stockholms Filharmoniska Orkester, Sergiu Comissiona
    • Radio-Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, Johan M. Arnell
  • Sinfonie Nr. 15 (1978)
  • Sinfonie Nr. 16 (1979)
    • Frederick L. Hemke (Saxophon), Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Yuri Ahronovitch
    • John-Edward Kelly (Saxophon), Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Saarbrücken, Alun Francis
  • Konzert Nr. 1 für Violine und Streichquartett (1949)
  • Konzert Nr. 2 für Violine und Orchester (1977/78)
  • Sieben Sonaten für zwei Violinen (1951)
  • Lamento für Klavier (1945)
    • Volker Banfield
    • Lennart Wallin
  • A 12 CD pack "Complete Symphonies" of Allan Pettersson has been produced by Classic Produktion Osnabrück, that is, CPO Music based on recordings of 1984, 1988, 1991-1995, 2004.
  • Cantata »Vox Humana« (1974)
    • Radio Symphony Orchestra,Norrköping Symphony Orchestra
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